Sunday, March 11, 2007

Interaction Overload

I just returned from the American Adoption Congress Conference in Boston where I publicized "The Other Sister" and presented a workshop on a topic related to the book. The workshop was packed and the book got a fantastic response, which was exciting and gratifying, of course. Although I'm still waiting for the final count of how many copies were sold in the AAC Book Room, there were only around ten left when I departed, so I know it was lots.

Perhaps it was the nature of the conference, but I don't think I've ever had so many intense conversations over a three-day period in my entire life; even the cabbies seemed to have alot to say! Since I'm one of those "terribly-shy-on-the-inside-but-I-can-fake-it" people, now that I'm home, exhilaration has given way to complete and utter exhaustion. I don't care if I talk to another person for a week!

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Anonymous said...

HI Susan!! I saw you in passing at the Conference and each time you were chatting,,,,,I wanted to say hello to a fellow Dakotan. I am in South Dakota.
I remember my first conference and by the third morning my insides were all over the place. It was indeed intense.
I listened to part of show so far on and finish up the rest tomorrow!
Would love to chat with you!!
Midwest Dir. AAC